Set It Off - Eats & Treats


  • Regular Cakes and Pies only

    All regular cakes and pies will be paid in full at the time of ordering online.

    If an order is canceled within 24 hours of when it is placed, you will receive a full refund.

    If an order is canceled within 48 hours of being placed, you will receive a credit toward a future product THAT MUST BE USED WITHIN 1 YEAR OF YOUR CANCELLATION DATE.

    If an order is canceled 10 days prior to the order’s pick-up date, 50% of funds and the cost of any items purchased to create your product will be withheld from your refund.

    If an order is canceled 5 days prior to the pick-up date, you will receive a 50% credit that must be used within 1 year of your original pick-up date.

    For all other cancellations there is NO REFUND OR CREDIT.


    • 3D Cakes, Specialty Cake and Wedding Cake

        All 3D Cakes, Specialty Cakes, and Wedding Cakes require a 50% deposit when booking.

        Your date is not secured and your order is not booked until the deposit is made.

        Booking sooner than later to secure your spot on my calendar is prudent.

        You have a deadline of two weeks prior to your event date or pick-up date to pay the remaining balance for your order.  If you fail to meet your obligation, you will forfeit some of your deposit.  Your order will be canceled.

        Any orders placed 10 days out from its due date that require alterations will have to pay a penalty of 5%.  There will be no refund or credit for a request to downsize your order.

        If there is a request to upgrade your cake, the balance is due immediately. Otherwise, the request will not be fulfilled, and the order will remain the same.

        If an order is canceled 14 days before an event, 40% of your deposit, plus the cost of any items purchased to create your cake, will be withheld from the refund.

        If an order is canceled 8 to 13 days before an event, 50% of your deposit, plus the cost of any items purchased to create your cake, will be withheld from the refund. 

        Orders canceled 1 week prior to the pick-up date will not receive any credit or refund.

        ( No Exceptions )

        Refunds can take up 3-10 business days between banks to be processed.


        • Color Matching

        When matching the colors you have chosen, I will attempt to achieve your requested colors to the best of my ability.

        Please remember that when you are dealing with food coloring, when it dries, the color may vary. I am not responsible for color changes.


        • Safety & In the Event of the Unexpected

        While luster dust, glitter and the like are considered edible or non-toxic, we do not recommend these items being placed on edible food items.  These items are not meant for human consumption.

        When a request is made for us to use said items, please note that it is your responsibility to inform your guests not to eat said product(s). Set It Off- Eats & Treats is not responsible.  

        As it relates to the designs of your specialty item, we can use another artist's work to visualize your desires and gain clarity to create a plan for your unique piece.  We will not copy someone else's work.

        You can rest assured that your cake will be exquisite and one of a kind.

        We recommend that you do not smash our cakes or pies into someone's face, because there are times when support structure, such as rods or dowels, may be present in said products.  We are not responsible if you do not heed our advice.

        In the event of a natural disaster or an emergency that hinders clients from receiving or picking up said item, a 30% CREDIT will be given that must be used within 60 days of the pick-up order’s due date.

        In the event of the demise of the client, 50% of funds will be kept.

        The balance will be refunded in 5-10 business days.

        In the event of the death of Set It Off - Eats & Treats LLC owner, all monies will be refunded within 60 days by his or her authorized representative.


        • Marketing

        Set It Off - Eats & Treats has the right to post pictures of your product online for marketing purposes.

        If said item is a surprise, please let us know.  As a courtesy we will delay posting until after your surprise event.

        If you agree, we will tag you in the photos.


        • Deliveries

        There is a delivery fee of $125 that covers delivery and setup.

        Before your delivery date you will be asked to designate someone to receive your order.

        This individual would be responsible for inspecting, receiving and signing off on your cake.

        Once a cake is signed for and received, Set It Off - Eats & Treats is no longer responsible for your product.

         In the event no one is there to receive your product, three attempts will be made to reach your designated contact person.

        If these attempts fail, we will take pictures of the delivered product and forward them to the contact person’s phone as well as keep for our records.

        At this point we are no longer responsible for your product.


        • Pick-up Orders

        For all pick-up orders please inspect the floor of your vehicle to ensure it is level.

        If it is not level, please bring a towel, cardboard, or similar item to level out your product when it is placed in your vehicle.

        You will be shown your product before you leave our premises.

        Set It Off - Eats & Treats is not responsible for the product once it leaves our hands.

        Please remember in summer and winter months, it is important to have the right climate and temperature in your vehicle, because buttercream and whipped topping is very sensitive to heat and humidity.  Make sure your vehicle is properly cool when the weather is warm, and do not blast your heat in the car during winter months when traveling with cake. 

        For two-tier cakes or greater, we strongly recommend that you select the delivery option to ensure safe arrival of your cake to your event.

        If you choose to opt-out, Set It Off - Eats & Treats is not liable for any damage to your product.

        Any repairs to damaged products will automatically incur a charge of $40 (additional charge may apply).

        This service is also limited to our availability.

        Please note we will not travel to an event that is more than 20 miles. Additional charge will be applied for travelling more than 20 miles.



        We are a home bakery and do not consider ourselves a celiac-safe bakery.

        We include flour in all our pies and cakes.

        Our pies and cakes are always freshly made to order.


        It is the client’s responsibility to inform Set It Off - Eats & Treats of ANY POTENTIAL HAZARDS.

        Set It Off - Eats & Treats is not liable or responsible for any individual that has an allergic reaction or issue as a result of our goods or services. 

        All sales are final.  Flavor and texture are subjective.

        There will be no refund or credit given in this regard.

        Our products are inspected to ensure that they meet our standards.